Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 6.37.27 PMSection106: pushing forward transparency,
social intervention and environmental sensibility

Tuesday, May 11TH, 2014, 4pm
Panel Discussion at Emily Harvey Foundation, 537 Broadway, N.Y., N.Y. 10007
Public Program presented by RadiatorArts hosted by the Emily Harvey Foundation
After the panel there will be a reception
Panelists will be announced soon.


Section106: Panel #2

To coincide with this year’s Frieze Art Fair week, in this second part of our ongoing lecture and public debate series we will present in detail the project Section106, focusing on its current state, its mission and projected development with concept drawings and models

This panel continues the discussion from the first part ( March 4 Fridman gallery), where we investigated the expansion of the exhibition space from a gallery and Art Fair context into a larger geographical and conceptual prospective, promising enhanced possibilities for emerging galleries and artists to be visible on a higher level in new exiting ways.

In this Part 2 we will present how Section106 can be an important step towards these goals, and how the global art world phenomena can be integrated into larger global issues such as growing environmental problems that result in displaced populations and rising sea level. Problems which could affect one of today’s key art locations, Miami where Section106’ final event is to be held.

Further more, we will explore how Section106 not only can bridge a gap between the art world and the world at large but also contribute to greater integration of different fields such as architecture, community building, global and local food systems and networks









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